Anthology Strings is proud to announce that we are now offering music lessons! 

Anthology Strings, New York City's premier event ensemble, is proud to offer the teaching services of our fine instrumentalists.  As we have grown over the years, we have received several requests to offer lessons from the talented group of our ensemble.  Each one of our instructors have years of performance, teaching and learning under their belts as well as degrees from highly decorated music schools across the country and world! Anthology does not aim to teach just one method of learning, in fact, our diverse backgrounds and approach to music is what fuels our teaching methodology. From Suzuki to improv, we are sure to be able to find the right technique for each of our students.  

Areas that we currently serve: New York City, Ulster and surrounding counties (UPSTATE)

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello

Lessons conducted in-home or at the teacher's place of residence  

Abilities: All! Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Ages: All Ages! Children to Adult

Methodology: Suzuki, sight-reading, improvisation, Baroque, Classical, harmony, theory, chamber music & recital opportunities 

Morning - Evening time slots available

Please contact us for more information on pricing/availability