Do you travel outside of New York City to play weddings?
Yes we do! We often travel outside of the city for weddings, we travel up to 250 miles sometimes to play weddings, and of course, we'd be happy to hop on a plane and join you in your tropical wedding setting! 

My wedding is outside, do you need amplification?
Our general rule of thumb is that if the wedding is upwards of over 150 people, it's best to hire our string quartet so that we can be heard. However, we don't usually require amplification

My Wedding is outside in November, can you play?
As a rule, we don't take on any outdoor weddings past October 1st., unless it is heated - temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit are too cold for our instruments (and hands!) ALSO we cannot perform in any kind of incliment weather (even if it's drizzling!) It will ruin our instruments.

Do your music choices change if I hire the string quartet as opposed to the trio?
No! All of our ensembles; solos, duos, trios or quartets play the same music, so you won't be limited to music choices.

There are so many different music choices out there, help! I don't know what to do!
Don't worry! That's what we're here for. We will help create a music 'program' to fit you and your fiancé's wedding setting. We take all the guess work out of choosing songs. 

Do you always play together or will there be completely different people playing at my wedding?
We are a core group of musicians who make it our priority to work together specifically playing weddings and parties together. If we have to get a substitute for one of our musicians, they will be someone whom we've played with often and we never play a wedding without rehearsing beforehand!